About Us

Hello, welcome to Pit Pat Pawz! We are so glad you are here with us :) 

We are Romina and Viv, the couple behind Pit Pat Pawz. We both grew up surrounded by dogs and we love the presence of furry paws in our lives. We live in an apartment building that does not allow dogs inside, so until we get to have our own place, we decided to create some clothing items to brighten up our days and help us make it through these pawless moments.

We don't just make clothes. Actually we do that, just in a eco-friendly and sustainable way. It all started with Romina, the wife, practicing drawing on her tablet. Some of the drawings were puppy-related and Viv fell in love even more. So Viv, the husband, suggested we should print the art and hang it in the house. Researching ways how to do this, I surprised Viv with a beautiful designed hoodie (he loooooves hoodies, who doesn't?). Now all I had to do, was find where I could print the design. Once I found a partnership, I placed an order! What attracted me was that the packaging was made of 100% recycled plastic! And the best part? Each product is made to order, to reduce environmental impact. 


Thank you again for stopping by Pit Pat Pawz!

~ Romina and Viv